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> It works now. Thanks, that was fast :-)

Glad it is working for you.  Sorry that I overlooked it in my QA cycles.

> A side question. Why are you using bash instead of ksh ? Are there specific 
> bashisms in your script ?
> FWIW, I changed the interpreter to #!/bin/ksh and the script did its job for 
> me.

Honestly, I started the script in bash many years ago and never
thought twice about another shell since then.   I work with many
different UNIX operating systems and have found bash to be the
most functional common denominator for shell scripting.  That is
probably how I started the Zone Manager out with bash.

I don't sufficiently know differences between bash and Sun's
implementation of ksh to properly quantify if any bugs would result 
from switching to ksh.  I suppose that I could switch to ksh since
the Zone Manager is exclusively a Solaris project.  However, I 
know that I won't have time for that amount of QA for a while.  If
you really would prefer ksh, submit it through my submission tool
and I will add it to the RFE list.


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