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We are trying to get zones certified for my customer part of the problem is Tivoli is only supported in a Global Zone. We need to be able to monitor applications from a local zone I know scripts can do this but does anyone
For monitoring applications within a zone you can make use of SunMC agentry. SunMC agent can be configured to run in the non-global zone via simple configuration. Inside a zone the agent just focuses on zone specific OS and application statistics.
know what is involved I assume it is no different than writing a script for an app in a standalone server. If
With an agent sitting inside a zone its as good as running on a system minus hardware monitoring and the solution is more portable compared to scripting from global zone.

anyone has any feedback on this please let me know ASAP.  BTW: their standard 
is Tivoli so offering alternatives will not work, thanks Andy
SunMC provides integration with Tivoli so the data can flow back into the platform manager from SunMC via the adaptor that ships with the product. If that's not preferrable the agents can emit out SNMP traps that can be directly subscribed by Tivoli which will obviously require some additional work. This ofcourse can be complimented with SCM (Solaris Container Manager) for life-cycle management of zones.


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