Some comments, mostly to myself  :)

        No change from onnv. (fixed)

        No change from onnv. (fixed)

        This is more of a comment for myself.  I wonder if we should think
        about getting rid of kpj_zoneid.  If the project exists, then we
        know the zone exists.  We could just have a pointer to the zone here.

        294 If you are going to create a lock ordering between
            project_hash_lock and kstat_install() locks, then perhaps
            we should move 310-316 up to 294.

        What is with all the calls to cpucaps_zone_remove(zone).  We should
        talk more about these.

        3993,3994,4034,4065, what is this stuff?  Oh, introduced curzone
        macro.  Ok. looks good.

        199. Reordering zone_init()/project_init()/brand_init(), yikes! :)
             I haven't found any problems with reordering
             zone_init()/project_init().  Be sure to get review from the
             brandz team.

        783  Reason for move of CL_EXIT not obvious.

        497-501  I now remember why these can't be deleted.  task_create()
                 copies the rctl set from the parent task, and task_attach()
                 calls the set-op callbacks for each task rctl.  If we
                 removed this, the task rctl set callbacks would never get

        1905    tmp -> tmp_pcap


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> If you are interested in creative ways to make your system run slower, please 
> take a look at the following webrev:
> and let me know what you think of it.
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