Christian Candia wrote:
The Real Warren Belfer wrote:
John Clingan wrote:
If we had used ksh, I am sure we would have gotten the bash question :)

Developer preference I suppose. If you still have issues, blame Brad.
He started it :)

Well, shouldn't system utilities be written using tools
available in all install metaclusters. Bash is only available
in the End User install and larger, so folks using a Core install
or smaller wouldn't be able to use this.

However, zonemgr only deals with zones and the Solaris zones packages
(SUNWzoneu and SUNWzoner) are only available on the End User and larger

Well, IMO, that also is a mistake. Why on earth would one
need to install the entire End User bundle just to get Zones.
At the risk of attaching too much significance to the name,
"End Users" don't install or manage zones, do they? :-)

We install the Core and add the 10 or so packages needed to
get zones. I assume that other customers might well do the
same thing.



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