Although pkgadd boots non-booted zones into an "administrative" state when 
installing a package, it seems that such a package addition will fail if the 
package contains administrative scripts.

An example occurred to me yesterday with blastwave's subversion package.  
Relevant output from pkg-get -i subversion:

  ## Booting non-running zone <reference> into administrative state
  ## Installing package <CSWsvn> in zone <reference>
  subversion - Version control rethought(sparc) 1.4.0,REV=2006.09.26
  ## Executing checkinstall script.
  /var/tmp//install5ka4xm/checkinstall.ka4xm: /tmp/sh63410: cannot create
  pkginstall: ERROR: checkinstall script did not complete successfully
  Installation of <CSWsvn> on zone <reference> failed.
  No changes were made to the system.
  ## Restoring state of global zone <reference>
  ERROR: could not add CSWsvn.

I raised a bug at blastwave 
( but, apart 
from agreeing that this doesn't work, they do not care to pursue this.

Is there a real bug here?

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