Hey Ian,

I've tried to reproduce your problem using solaris nevada build 55b (the
developer release), with no luck.

What version of solaris are you running (uname -rv, cat /etc/release).

Can you ctrl-c your hung ps process?

Is the zone running?  What is the output of:
        # zoneadm list -p

What is output of (from global zone):
        # truss ps -z 0,3

If the truss command above hangs (produces no output at some point), then
what is output of (from global  zone):
        # echo '::pgrep -x sh | ::walk thread | ::findstack' | mdb -k

Do other proc tools hang as well? try:
        # pgrep -z 0,3
        # pflags `pgrep -z 0,3`
        # pfiles `pgrep -z 0,3`

If so, similar truss/mdb output for these tools as well might help.

This debugging info may shed some light on the problem.


On Tue, Jan 30, 2007 at 07:21:06AM -0800, Ian Brown wrote:
> I must add the following:
> ps -z 0 
> does NOT hang and is OK.
> ps -z 0,3 
> DOES hang (again after sched)
> and "3" is the id of the zone I created.
> Regads,
> Ian
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