mark ryden writes:
> I am trying to hack the zoneadm code; I see that zoneadm calls "lucreate"
> I see that "zoneadm -z zoneName install" calls 
> "exec /usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone -z zoneName".
> I don't find the sources for this lucreatezone !
> /usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone is a soft link to /etc/lib/lu/ludo,
> and this ludo is a 32 bit executable.
> But where is the source code for this "ludo" binary??  
> In, a search for a file "ludo" returns NOTHING.
> Can somebody help in this ? 

It's part of the Install consolidation and, unfortunately, is tied up
as closed source because we don't own full rights to Live Upgrade.

At the time this was implemented, there was no "Open Solaris," so the
licensing issues around LU (and basing this part of Zones on LU) just
weren't considered.

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