On Wed 31 Jan 2007 at 01:22PM, prakash wrote:
> HI,
> Any one came across..,
> Need to configure a tape drive under a zone, I have a machine with 4 zones,
> each zone will  have seprate network and seprate tape drive to take backup
> how to achive this, if any one have idea please share with me !!!
> logical idea also good to analysis this ...,


This is what "add device" is for in zonecfg(1m).  You can use this
functionality to cause the zone to have the tape device included
within it.  Just name the tape drive by its path in /dev.  Example:

# zonecfg -z testzone
zonecfg:testzone> add device
zonecfg:testzone:device> set match=/dev/rmt/0
zonecfg:testzone:device> end

Then reboot the zone; you should then see /dev/rmt/0 available to apps
running inside the zone.


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