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James Carlson wrote On 02/02/07 15:03,:
>>I have a customer asking this question:
>>This might seem like a very basic question but now that I have the
>>global zone with two local zones created how do I associate hostnames to
>>the zone virtual IP addresses?
>>I would think that the answer would be to populate dns for hosts
>>trying to contact this host.
>>but what about the local system?
>>Should you add the virtual IP hostnames to the global zone /etc/hosts
>>file or the /etc/hosts file in the zone itself?
> Name resolution is a purely user-space matter.  It's controlled by
> /etc/nsswitch.conf (yes, inside the zone as well), and if you use
> 'files' as one of your name resolution methods, and if you care to
> manage your name-to-address mapping directly in local files, then,
> sure, adding entries there is a fine thing to do.
> There are other possible choices.
> The global zone's /etc/nsswitch.conf and associated configuration
> files are inaccessible from within a non-global zone, and thus have no
> effect there.
> I think things may be different in TX zones, though.


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