Thanks - had a look round the docs - quite a lot of stuff on resource 
management - but i get the general idea.

zonemgr -a add -n m1 -z \"/zones\" -P \"abc123\" \\
             -I \"|hme0|24|myzonehost\"
I want to do this for 4 zones per box - dont think I need to deal with resource 
mangement plenty available. Intend to use sysidcfg for config.
I am not clear on what the non-root zones will inherit -  there is already a 
single application installed on each box (in a separete slice)  - on this 
occasion I dont want this included in the non-root zones. I think that by 
default (ie above)  only Solaris will be copied over (?). How does the size of 
the non-root zone's slices get specified BTW. I only need 5 GB in total for 
each user - (oh dear that sounds a bit like resource management ;-)


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