However, generally speaking, zfs datasets can be configured for a zone from the global zone.

Example: The global zone admin can create a 5GB dataset and assign it to a zone. The zone administrator can then create and mount filesystems, each with its own quota, from that ZFS dataset. Assign each user their one ZFS-based filesystem. This is an easy and lightweight thing to do in ZFS.

Brad Diggs wrote:
Hello Tony,

The usage that you specified below will place your zone root
in /zones/m1. At this point in time there is no storage containment management within zonemgr for the non-global root mount point. (e.g. /zones/m1) If you wish to limit the storage of that mount point to 5GB then you will need to do that in the global zone. Also note that at the present time Solaris does not support non-global zone root being put on a ZFS filesystem. Thus /zones/m1 should be some other filesystem type such as UFS.

With regards to directory inheritance, zonemgr by default creates a
sparse root zone.  This means that the default system directories
(/lib, /usr, /sbin, and /platform) are inherited from the global zone.
With regards to packaging, for both sparse and whole root (e.g. no
directories inherited) the non-global zone will contain all packages
that are present in the global zone.  If the application to which you
refer is installed in the global zone via pkgadd, then the application
bits will also be installed in each non-global zone.  Data and
configuration of the application in the global zone however will not be
installed/copied into the non-global zone.

Hope that helps!


On Mon, 2007-02-05 at 03:37 -0800, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
Thanks - had a look round the docs - quite a lot of stuff on resource 
management - but i get the general idea.

zonemgr -a add -n m1 -z \"/zones\" -P \"abc123\" \\
             -I \"|hme0|24|myzonehost\"
I want to do this for 4 zones per box - dont think I need to deal with resource 
mangement plenty available. Intend to use sysidcfg for config.
I am not clear on what the non-root zones will inherit -  there is already a 
single application installed on each box (in a separete slice)  - on this 
occasion I dont want this included in the non-root zones. I think that by 
default (ie above)  only Solaris will be copied over (?). How does the size of 
the non-root zone's slices get specified BTW. I only need 5 GB in total for 
each user - (oh dear that sounds a bit like resource management ;-)


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