I just got a chance to start playing with the capped memory resource
controls in build 56.  At first blush, this looks to be *very* good
stuff.  My initial testing included some very basic single process
memory hog tests and multiple process mmap(..., MAP_SHARED,...) tests.
In each case, the limits kicked in as I expected, and prstat -Z
running from the global zone gave what appeared to be accurate
information.  Great job!

One of the effects of setting capped-memory resource control for swap
is that the size of /tmp is also limited.  Unlike when a tmpfs size
limit is set with the size=... mount option, "df /tmp" does not
display a value that is reflective of the limits that are put in
place.  Similarly, vmstat and "swap -l" running inside the zone give
no indication that there is a cap smaller than the system-wide limits.
Am I missing something here?

I do see that some of the values I am looking for are available
through kstat (thank you!).  Is there some more user-friendly tool
(already or coming) to use inside the zone?

Oh, and the question that everyone at work will ask when I tell them
about this - when will it find its way into Solaris?  :)


Mike Gerdts
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