Created a zone - seemed to go well! Just a few error mesages. Not sure if these 
errors will cause problems.

./zonemgr -a add -n helium -z "/zones" -P "abc123" -I 
Checking to see if the zone IP address ( is already in use...IP 
is available.
Preparing to install zone <helium>.
Creating list of files to copy from the global zone.
Copying <11624> files to the zone.
Initializing zone product registry.
Determining zone package initialization order.
Preparing to initialize <1040> packages on the zone.
Initialized <1040> packages on zone.                                 
Zone <helium> is initialized.
Installation of these packages generated warnings: <SMCgettxt SMCzlib SMCncurs 
SMClxml2 SMCcvs SMCgtk SMCglib SMCgcc SMClxslt SMCliconv SMCsasl>
The file </zones/helium/root/var/sadm/system/logs/install_log> contains a log 
of the zone installation
*** package <SUNWexplo> was not installed:

The package <SUNWexplo> is registered to be installed in the
global zone only. The package may have been installed in the global
zone using the pkgadd '-G' option, or the package may contain a
request script, or the package may directly set the package attribute
SUNW_PKG_THISZONE=true in the pkginfo file.
pkgadd: ERROR: unable to create package object 
    unable to fix attributes

Is a patch level of recommended patch set from 12 months ago, likely to be OK? 
(Sol 10 on T2000)

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