Octave Orgeron wrote:

This has been a major complaint for many sysadmins and beta testers. I
know one of my first bugs filed against the betas of Solaris 10 was the
lack of NFS server functionality within zones. I've even been in the
situation at work where this has been a requirement, only to have to
scrap projects. Probably the most common idea for having a zone NFS
server is for Jumpstart or home directories. As things stand today,
it's not doable. I've even escalated this thru different channels over
the past few years only to see it go no where. I'm sure there is a lot
of demand for this feature for zones.

I think the key requirements would be:

1. Full NFS server functionality within a zone. So things like share,
/etc/dfs/dfstab, sharemgr, ZFS sharing, etc. should work in the same
manner as they do in the global zone.
2. Security. Separation of NFS namespace to insure proper security
between zones. This may be achieved by making the kernel NFS framework
aware of the zoneid context.
3. Performance. NFS serving out of a zone should not be slower or less
scalable than NFS serving from the global zone.

Starting a project would be nice. But I think there should be close
involvement with the NFS engineers at Sun. As for getting their
attention and funding, the best we can do is show enough community
interest for NFS within zones.

So I'd ask all sysadmins, developers, etc. to respond to this thread to
show support for fixing this.


Thanks for the input on the requirements.

I am a NFS engineer for Sun. I don't think we should count on getting attention and funding for Sun's NFS engineers to do this project. All of us are aware of the need, but are focused on delivering other products. I'm not saying they will not
help out, I don't think you could stop them.

Again, I think that this is a golden opportunity to start an OpenSolaris project
in the clear and with full involvement from the community. I'm willing to
provide project leadership and mentoring to external developers. I'm pretty
sure that the other NFS engineers are willing to review requirements, specs,
design, code, etc. But the bulk of that work will fall on the community to provide.

I'm not looking to start a project which gets done entirely within Sun.


Octave J. Orgeron
Solaris Systems Engineer

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