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hi Octave, thanks much for the comments.

scrap projects. Probably the most common idea for having a zone NFS
server is for Jumpstart or home directories. As things stand today,
it's not doable.

Right, but these things are easily done (of course) using a server in the global zone: what advantages do we gain by putting the server in a local zone?

Minimizing architectural change.

Imagine a site with multiple NFS servers 'owned' by different business units. Each BU manages its own NFS servers. In my fictitious example, an X4500 has enough disk space, storage bandwidth and network bandwidth to replace all of the NFS servers. But the BU's are not willing to cede control of "their" NFS servers to one management entity.

If containers could be NFS servers, they could 'map' one existing NFS server into one new NFS-container and each BU could continue to manage theirs. If.

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