However, there a good shot you can
run those RH 3.8 services in zones natively (depending on the service). 

FWIW, I am working with customers running many more than 5 zones on a T2K.

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Sun Microsystems

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> Excellent results were obtained! managed to create 5 zones on on T2k and
> another 4 on a 2nd T2k. Error msgs (as described) on one, no error messages
> on the other. And all the zones behaved perfectly. Gratifying. Thanx to
> everyone who contributed...
> It seems there is a plan to add some dedicated RH AS 3.8 boxes to the
> network, but I see from the zonemgr docs that it is possible to create some
> virtual Centos machines, on a T2k. What would we the fastest way to do
> this? I do have a CentOS-3.8-server-i386.iso to hand. Can I use that
> somehow?

Well, you might have a problem there, seeing that the iso image has binaries 
for an x86/x64 computer and the T2k isn't.  ;-)

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