2) Due to the above, it seems like the global zone admin should have
a knob to turn to enable or disable the ability of a zone to share
out files via NFS.  Do people agree?

2.5) Is this related to whether the global zone can share a resource?

3) I know we've talked about a zone not being able to share stuff
outside of its namespace, but I wonder if we should further restrict
this to sharing storage that's fully administered in the zone, e.g.
you can't share a filesystem you got via lofs, but you can share
from a /dev/dsk/cxtxdx or a zpool that had been fully delegated to
you.  Opinions?

I think you can tie both (2) and (3) together if the mechansim
used to enable this is a new command like this:

set zone-nfsshare-root = /export/z1/export

If this setting is absent from a l-z's config then it doesn't get
to export anything via NFS and is otherwise limited to sharing
out directories thare are under the one set in the config (this
would include "." too.)

This idea needs some work on it, however, if there was going
to be sharing from multiple top level directories (e.g. a zone
wants to export both /export and /usr/share and we want to
enforce that restriction from the g-z.)

Oh, the implication is that if this setting is not present in the
l-z's config that nfs sharing in is disabled.


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