On Feb 14, 2007, at 3:17 PM, Edward Pilatowicz wrote:

i would refine your second point though because it doesn't take into
account lofs mounts.

ex,  if i have /export/foo in the global zone and then in zonecfg i
configure a "filesystem" resource such that this directory is also
lofs mounted in the zone at /export/foo, then who should be able
to export the filesystem?

it seems to me that both the local zone and the global zone
should be able to export it (or not export it) independantly.

I disagree - I think a filesystem should have an owner, and the owner
should have sole control over sharing.  If the global zone needs to
share the data, it should take over ownership, and from outside this
should be visible as the data moving between "servers".

In a related area, and to address an earlier question I raised, I don't
think getting a filesystem via a lofs mount should entitle you to share
it - you should have device access delegated to your zone in order to do
that.  Zones folks may disagree.

Rob T
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