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2) Since NFS is mostly an in-kernel service, unlike something like
Apache, if you have some kind of issue with NFS stability, you lose
the whole box, not just the zone.  This lack of fault isolation isn't
always something that people are aware of.  Does this change anything
for your use case?

This is a great point and shows that there has to be some reorg of the
NFS framework. I don't know if that means we need a pseudo instance of
the kernel modules for each zone. Or if we have to break it up into
components that should be unique to each zone and ones that should be

I don't think we can go there - a service in the kernel which panics
takes out all zones, and there's just nothing we can do about that
(beyond minimizing panics as we try to do anyway).  I think we need
to set expectations that fault isolation is not as strong for this
service.  Sun has other virtualization solutions that would work
better for real fault isolation.

2) Due to the above, it seems like the global zone admin should have
a knob to turn to enable or disable the ability of a zone to share
out files via NFS.  Do people agree?

I agree there is should be knob. Perhaps something in zonecfg like:

add service
set type=nfs

That would enable the zone to be an nfs server. What do you think?

Yes, I had a setting like this in mind, as opposed to something that
includes a path to a resource that may be shared.

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