Robert Thurlow wrote:
Glenn Faden wrote:

4) A bug currently prevents a client instance and a server instance
from being safe to use on the same box (apologies, can't quote the
bugid from here).  How likely, in your use case, is it that this will
be a problem, i.e. will your boxes be in the position where a zone
needs data shared from another zone as opposed to a separate server?

This is a must fix. In TX we want to automount between labeled zones on the same machine. It seems to work with ZFS. Is the deadlock specific to UFS/NFS?

Good question!  I don't expect that it is, but perhaps ZFS's use of the
ARC would insulate it.  Maybe Mahesh would know.

Reading through 5065254 and related CRs it seems to be all about UFS; the various ways that ufs_write (and perhaps other ops) can grab various resources *before* a uiomove which can pagefault.

ZFS looks structured quite a bit differently, and it has a call to zfs_prefault_write which should reduce the probability of issues with write significantly (but doesn't prevent the pages from being paged out between the pre-fault and a uiomove down the road).

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