Russ Petruzzelli wrote:
Zones gurus,

Got this note from our lab tech...
In response to the lab tech's question would we just halt and uninstall the zone, but not 
"delete" it?
Would that allow us to restore it after the installation upgrade?
No not really, basically one would then have to run zoneadm install again, to create the zone on the filesystem. So in efect he is suggesting removing the zone, leaving the zone config, then after the upgrade just reinstall the zone again. But any configuration particular to that zone outside of zonecfg will be lost, you would also need to ireinstall the application software that was installed in the zone and so on.


    It looks like the upgrade failed. I had to upgrade the firmware but
    because of that I
    need to get a newer version of the OS installed for the system to
work right. Thehmm, pretty much the same as deleting, as you cannot just reinstate ( as opposed to install )the zone after the upgrade, as it would be out of sync with the global zone at that stage. problem seems to be the zones setup. They are causing a package to
    fail during the
    install so the install is backed out.

    The only thing I can suggest is for you to remove the zones you
    configured to make
    the system not know about them. I'm not saying delete the zones, but
    just make the
    system not know of them so the upgrade can work without the
    condition that the
    upgrade work around the zones.
Not clear what is meant by
"I'm not saying delete the zones, but just make the system not know of them so the upgrade can work"

If this means fudge the system so that the zones are no longer visible by the global zone, then later after the upgrade make them visible again, this will not work, as the global zone will be running the later OS and the zones will be out of sync, completely unsupported and likely to either not work at all, or worse fail badly at some later point.

What is the exact error that causes upgrade to fail, might be able to provide better help that way.

once you unintall, then the software in the zone is effectively removed, all that is left is the zone configuration after that.

So it might be better to try and fix the issue first, before going down the uninstall route.


    Issue Type: Installation
    Synopsis : request to upgrade Solaris 10 from U2 to U3

    Description :
    have the OS on ps-niagara1 upgraded from U2 to U3.
    (not a fresh install - we have software installed in zones on the


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