Lutz Steinbach wrote:

I checked the docs for statements about cross-hardware zone moves but couldn't 
find anything. There are actually two aspects of the question:

1) Moves within the same platform: Are all zone moves between different machine 
hardware classes considered to be supported? Is the move of a zone from a 25k 
domain (sun4u) to a T2000 (sun4v) OK? If so, is it equally OK to move a zone 
from a 25k domain to a FSC PrimePower system (sun4us)?

Whether or not its officially supported or not I can't say, but it should work just fine.

2) Cross-platform moves: is there a way to move a zone from SPARC to x86 or 
vice versa?

Thats a tricky question. You can move the configuration, but no binaries within the zone will work. In general there would be a sufficient number of problems to not make such a migration worthwhile, imho. You'd be better off shutting down the origonal zone, creating a new one on the target system/platform identically configured, and then reinstall your application(s).

Is anybody aware of any documentation about it?

Documentation on zone migrations in general is sparse, and real world migrations tend to break a lot of rules. ;)

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