You can make filesystems read/write accessible on the fly, for example mounting :
(global)#  mount -F lofs /usr_sap_zsapr3p  /zones/zsapr3p/root/usr/sap
This makes global directory /usr_sap_zsapr3p where Veritas filesystem is mounted in global zones, available under /usr/sap in the local zone “zsapr3p”.
You need to add fs with zonecfg to the zone's configuration so you may get the mount-point after zone reboot

Hope this helps

Peter Wilk wrote:

IHAC asking the following

customer has zones that when they  commit  a veritas filesystem
(loopback) from a san storage device the non-global zone requires a there another way to commit these files  without a reboot
( the san storage device is not using nfs, it is local to the system)


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