Hello again,

Several people have asked me to consider converting the Zone Manager
from a single script into a Solaris package.  The suggested benefits
include the following:
  * Can break out the help info into a man page
  * Can add support for multiple languages in the man page
  * Can standardize the location of the zonemgr script.  Presumably 
    in /opt/SUNWzonemgr/bin or /opt/SFWzonemgr/bin or something like
  * Can break out the license info into its own file as well.
  * Can create dependencies in the package to ensure requisite software
    is installed for the zone manager to work properly.

All of these benefits have value but it is a lot of work just to convert
a script into a package.  The biggest part of course is doing the 
language translation of the help/man file.  The biggest need here is to
have folks that can make sure that the translation of the man page is

So I am seeking your input.  If I get a quorum that prefer a package
over a script then I will make it a priority for version 1.9.  Otherwise
I won't bother.

You can respond to me directly without copying the zones-discuss alias
so as not to jam the alias with responses.

Thanks in advance for your input!


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