Could someone tell me what the current limitation are now with using a ZFS file system with a Solaris Zones. At one time you could not put an OS in a ZFS file system. But could you out an entire zone in a ZFS file system? Has this changed lately?

The current limitation is that if you place Solaris components (for
example, the files that normally get installed into directories such /,
/etc, /lib, /usr, etc) on a ZFS file system, then such zones cannot be
upgraded by the Solaris upgrade technologies (namely the "standard"
upgrade used from the miniroot or using Live Upgrade).

This limitation is being worked on but it's present today in both
Solaris 10 and Solaris Express.  One inconvenient work-around is to
uninstall the zone(s) prior to upgrade and then reinstall them after
the upgrade has taken place.

I would like to use the quota function in ZFS with a Solaris Zone for limiting upload. Is that possible?--and is the syntax for seting up the zone. We are talking Release 11/06

The way to do this is to set the quota from the global zone on the
dataset in question.  For example, if you have a dataset called
"zones/myzone" in the global zone, then "zfs set quota=10G
zones/myzone" will limit the space used by that dataset and its
descendant to 10GB.

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