1) Moves within the same platform: Are all zone moves between different
machine hardware classes considered to be supported? Is the move of a
zone from a 25k domain (sun4u) to a T2000 (sun4v) OK? If so, is it
equally OK to move a zone from a 25k domain to a FSC PrimePower system

The basic requirement for migrations of any sort is that both the
original and the new global zones must been running the same
packaging/patch levels for the OS.  Since sun4u and sun4v machines have
different contents for certain packages (for example, SUNWcar and
SUNWkvm), migration between a sun4u and a sun4v system may be
problematic although I'm not sure of "zoneadm attach" will detect this
discrepancy (it would need to compare the ARCH value of the package in

2) Cross-platform moves: is there a way to move a zone from SPARC to
x86 or vice versa?

Not supported at the current time.

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