SMC and N1 zones management are independent of the Zone Manager
open source/OpenSolaris project. 

Feature parity between the Zone Manager and other tools are not
guaranteed.  In fact there are some features that SMC and N1 will 
most likely never really care about that are important to the 
Zone Manager (or perhaps better said "are important to me").  

Consider the following examples:
* a priority on simple command line interface
* automated software installation via Blastwave 
* multi-state zone management (action = only)
* Minimization (standard and custom)
* Hardening (standard and custom)
* Support for BrandZ
* Lastly and perhaps most importantly from an
  open source perspective, the freedom to do 
  whatever you want with the source. ;-)

Having said that, I semi-frequently attempt to interact with the
SMC and N1 teams to provide feedback on the Zone Manager feature set
and my perception of feature priorities as provided by the RFE
submissions from users like you.

Hope that helps delineates the differences for you.


On Mon, 2007-03-05 at 07:44 -0800, Josh Fisher wrote:
> Is it planned for the Solaris Management Console to include the functionality 
> which is in the ZoneMgr? The SMC is already a centralized working gui with a 
> lot of functionality but does need a lot of improving. It would be great to 
> be able to completely manage zones with the SMC.
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