Hi John,

Although the script is getting large, I wouldn't exactly think of it 
as monolithic yet.  I have written scripts that exceeded 10,000 lines
that were relatively nimble but had a rich feature set.  For version
1.8.1, the line count without docs and license is only around 2,790
lines.  With the docs and license it is around 4050 lines.

With regards to feature separation, I don't know that separation is
going to necessarily add that much value at this point.  All the core
functions are broken out into their respective functions and many are
relatively speaking tightly coupled.  So breaking them up into their
own scripts or source files would be quite a challenge.

I personally prefer to keep it together into a single script to
maintain the tight coupling of features and simplicity of a single

If you have some specific ideas about separation I would certainly 
be interested in hearing about them.

Thanks for all your contribution and thought leadership.


On Fri, 2007-03-02 at 23:51 -0800, John Clingan wrote:
> Good timing and this kind of feedback is appropriate for the alias. I've been 
> thinking about this since my last feature submission. While modifying the 
> script, I've realized that it's become too big for its own britches. I'm not 
> sure that breaking out "artifacts" from business logic is granular enough. 
> Perhaps  we should consider some very simple plugin architecture enabling 
> more effective parallel development. We would have to put some thought on 
> module granularity, but I can see brandz logic in one script, post-zone 
> config in another script, actual zone creation in another, with some main 
> control logic script (zonemgr itself).
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