On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, Rodney Lindner wrote:

> RFE: To be able to specify the boot order of a zone.
> Method 1: (SMF mod only)
> Modify the smf svc:/system/zones service to look for a file (say
> /etc/zonesbootorder). If it is present it will boot the zones in the order the
> appear in the file and the move on to boot any remaining zones in any order.
> Method2: (Enhance zones XML properties and rewrite SMF zones service)
> Add an additional(optional) property to zones XML which contains a numerical
> value for startorder (0-64K). The SMF service then starts the zone by lowest
> startorder value first (1-64k). Two zones have the same value means we don't
> care which one starts first. I would suggest we also define 0 as "don't care"

I think this is a great idea!  Method 2 strikes me as being the cleanest,
most elegant solution.

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