Hi all,

Have we decided what to do for supporting NFS server in non-global zones??

And if we are going forward with the kernel approach (instead of
running user-space NFS servers), then may be the NFS developers can
answer a few questions:

1) How big a project is it?? (just a rough est)

2) Where is the code for the NFS service?? Which source directory(s)
is the starting point??

Correct me if I am wrong - what we need to do to let non-global zones
be NFS server is to change some of the data structures in the NFS
server code to per-zone data structure - similar to IP Instances: "...
take all the other data and convert it from global data to fields in
an instance data structure"

page 21:

And, if this is not many months of work, then sounds like it can be a
summer of code project, and I will write up an initial project
proposal (similar to what I am going to do for "lx brand on SPARC
(Project BrandZ)" ):



On 2/14/07, Octave Orgeron <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the input. I agree that it'll take a lot of involvement from
the community to deliver the code. But I also think there some should a
lot of collaboration with the NFS engineers to insure we don't break
stuff:) I'm all for a project to be launched from the NFS or Zones
community for this. I'd even be willing to help out, just have to keep
in mind my programming is a little rusty:)


--- Tom Haynes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Octave Orgeron wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > This has been a major complaint for many sysadmins and beta
> testers. I
> > know one of my first bugs filed against the betas of Solaris 10 was
> the
> > lack of NFS server functionality within zones. I've even been in
> the
> > situation at work where this has been a requirement, only to have
> to
> > scrap projects. Probably the most common idea for having a zone NFS
> > server is for Jumpstart or home directories. As things stand today,
> > it's not doable. I've even escalated this thru different channels
> over
> > the past few years only to see it go no where. I'm sure there is a
> lot
> > of demand for this feature for zones.
> >
> > I think the key requirements would be:
> >
> > 1. Full NFS server functionality within a zone. So things like
> share,
> > /etc/dfs/dfstab, sharemgr, ZFS sharing, etc. should work in the
> same
> > manner as they do in the global zone.
> > 2. Security. Separation of NFS namespace to insure proper security
> > between zones. This may be achieved by making the kernel NFS
> framework
> > aware of the zoneid context.
> > 3. Performance. NFS serving out of a zone should not be slower or
> less
> > scalable than NFS serving from the global zone.
> >
> > Starting a project would be nice. But I think there should be close
> > involvement with the NFS engineers at Sun. As for getting their
> > attention and funding, the best we can do is show enough community
> > interest for NFS within zones.
> >
> > So I'd ask all sysadmins, developers, etc. to respond to this
> thread to
> > show support for fixing this.
> >
> >
> Octave,
> Thanks for the input on the requirements.
> I am a NFS engineer for Sun. I don't think we should count on getting
> attention
> and funding for Sun's NFS engineers to do this project. All of us are
> aware of the
> need, but are focused on delivering other products. I'm not saying
> they
> will not
> help out, I don't think you could stop them.
> Again, I think that this is a golden opportunity to start an
> OpenSolaris
> project
> in the clear and with full involvement from the community. I'm
> willing to
> provide project leadership and mentoring to external developers. I'm
> pretty
> sure that the other NFS engineers are willing to review requirements,
> specs,
> design, code, etc. But the bulk of that work will fall on the
> community
> to provide.
> I'm not looking to start a project which gets done entirely within
> Sun.
> Thanks,
> Tom
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