> Hi all,
> Have we decided what to do for supporting NFS server
> in non-global zones??
> And if we are going forward with the kernel approach
> (instead of
> running user-space NFS servers), then may be the NFS
> developers can
> answer a few questions:
> 1) How big a project is it?? (just a rough est)
> 2) Where is the code for the NFS service?? Which
> source directory(s)
> is the starting point??
Somewhat off topic, but why not think of this at a higher level than just NFS 
in zones, but perhaps, think of applying a ZFS-like pool structure to Solaris 

You could then have a pool of physical network adapters provisioned and with 
all the ease of a ZFS-type of administration.  Consequently, NFS services in 
zones could be provisioned via inheritable or non-inheritable permissions from 
the global zone.

I'm sure there are many obstacles to this idea, but why should storage be the 
only pool-managed resource in Solaris?  


Wes W.
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