Hi Enda,

I have attached the /var/sadm/"patchid"/log files for all three patches.  

Here’s the output from patchadd -p:

For the kernel patch:
clv1udw11:root> zlogin cludsim001 patchadd -p | grep 119254-34 

For the patch utilities patch:
Cludsim001:root> patchadd -p|grep "h: 119254"
Patch: 119254-14 Obsoletes: 119015-03 Requires: 120900-03 Incompatibles: 
Packages: SUNWswmt SUNWpkgcmdsu cludsim001:root>

This was done on Solaris 10 01/06
uname -a output prior to install of 118833-34 was: 
        SunOS clv1upw11 5.10 Generic_118833-24 sun4v sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200 
There are 14 local zones instantiated on this server: 2 whole root, 12 sparse


(This is a forum post of what I tried to send directly to Enda.)
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