I'm seeing some weirdness when trying to access a non-global zone's dir via
NFS/Automount from a remote server.  If we first try as a non-superuser it
fails with Permission denied.  However, if we first try as root it works and
then is accessible by any user for a bit - but will eventually fail again.

For example:
 - Physical server 1 = shark
   - Non global server 1 = zap (resides on shark)
   - Physical server 1's dfstab: share -F nfs -o ro
 - Physical server 2 = santafe
   - Non global Zone 2 = zebra (resides on santafe)

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ] $ cd /net/shark/zones/zap-1/root/space/zap-1/
-bash: cd: /net/shark/zones/zap-1/root/space/zap-1/: Permission denied
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ] $ sudo cd /net/shark/zones/zap-1/root/space/zap-1/
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ] $ cd /net/shark/zones/zap-1/root/space/zap-1/

Whereas, cd'ing to a exported directory not within the non-global zone works
like a charm:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ] $ cd /net/shark/tmp

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Thanks, Clif
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