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Isn't it weird !!!

Host sun server has the same IP subnet as its zone, and point to same gateway.

My machine is on another subnet, and has been routed to zone subnet.

On this machine, what do the following say?

route get <ip or hostname of global zone>
route get <ip or hostname of non-global zone>

Weird thing is that I can telnet/ssh to its zone, but I can't telnet/ssh to 

Can you ping it?  If you can ping it but not log in, perhaps you have
rules set in /etc/hosts.allow or /etc/hosts.deny on the global zone
that are denying access to other subnets.

When using the test above, be consistent in the use of hostnames or IP
addresses.  That is, don't test "route get" with hostname but ping by
IP address.  This will just compound your confusion in the event that
you have bad DNS entries.


Mike Gerdts
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