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> >The IP Instances part of project crossbow deliver the feature to have a zone
> >have its own view of the stack. It is available as a BFU on top of NV, but
> >not yet integrated into NV.

This is slightly inaccurate: I allows each zone to have its *own*
stack, not a view into a single centralized stack.

> IP instances have integrated.  (build 56 or something?

In b57.  The key things (I think) to know for IP Instances:

        - Configuration time choice for the administrator
        - A complete and tunable network stack per zone-- including
          DHCP client, IPsec, etc.
        - Provides much greater network configuration flexibility for zones
        - Less centralized control in the global zone
        - Currently must be tied to a physical NIC -- in other words
          you must dedicate a real NIC (not a logical interface)
          to each IP instance you want to run.  This limitation is
          expected to be lifted when the Virtual NIC part of Crossbow is



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