Dan Price wrote:
On Sat 17 Mar 2007 at 08:02PM, James Carlson wrote:
Dan Price writes:
        - Currently must be tied to a physical NIC -- in other words
          you must dedicate a real NIC (not a logical interface)
          to each IP instance you want to run.  This limitation is
          expected to be lifted when the Virtual NIC part of Crossbow is
A physical DLPI Style 1 NIC -- Style 2 (such as hme and ce) won't work
with it yet.  (Clearview should fix this.)

It might be nice to have a full list of the (otherwise Sun supported)
NICs which don't work, if there isn't one already.  I wasn't aware
of this particular limitation.  Do you know of such a list?

At the beginning, Crossbow will only support GLDv3 NICs. Is there a list of all NICs supported by Sun with Solaris 10?

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