My customer has a system with 3 zones.

Zone 1 was created prior to global zone patching.
Zone 2 was created prior to global zone patching.
Zone 3 was created after global zone patching.

Zone 3 inherited the patches in the global as expected.

Zone 1 and 2's  zone path was not available at the time of global zone patching 
because the zone paths are located
on external disks that were unmounted. The external disks that support the zone 
paths were unmounted  because the 
patches were installed in single user mode per the patch cluster README.

As a result Zone 1 and 2 did not inherit the patches installed in the global. 

Zone 2 was re-installed and the patches propagated from the global as expected.

Are there any other workarounds to get a local zone's patches in sync with the 
global  other than re-installation ?

Thank you,


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