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Jerry Jelinek wrote:
Mark Huff wrote:

If I understand what your customer did, then I think you left out
a step above.  You said they changed their zonepath and IP address for
the new host.  However, based on the names above, it also looks like
they changed the lofs mounted filesystem configuration for the new zone.
This is reflected on line 18 of the configuration listing above.  If
this is the case, then the two zones do not have the same filesystem layout.

The only thing changed in line 18 from the zone that I want to clone is the zonename as shown bluto-zone2. The bluto-zone1 zone has the same lofs filesystem as shown above in line 18 just its zonename is bluto-zone1 instead.

Thats right.  You are changing the lofs mount entry so that the new zone
mounts a different directory into the zone compared to what is being mounted in the original zone. Since the directory you want to mount into the new zone doesn't exist, you need to create that directory so that the lofs mount can

The two zones do have the same configuration. The same lofs filesystem. That is my point. unless I physically make the directory structure as shown with mkdir -p /zones/roots/bluto-zone2/localcw the clone fails. Personally I think that's not right. Personally cloning to me, means whatever I have in X, I want th same in Y. As I mention if I have 50 zones identical configurations and before I can clone the 50 zones I need to do a mkdir, to create those filesystems, then cloning, in my opinion doesn't work.

No they don't. I don't understand how you can think this since your previous
comment makes it is clear that that they are not mounting the same
directory in each case.

This has nothing to do with cloning.  What is happening here is that
the zone code is verifying the zone configuration and it is telling
you that the source directory for the lofs mount just doesn't exist.
Once you create the directory that you want to lofs mount into the
zone, then the verification succeeds.

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