Glenn Brunette wrote:

Isn't this what you were seeing???

It's similar - I'm in the global zone though.  My $HOME is on
jurassic.eng:/export/krb1 which is a UFS filesystem.  Though yes, I
do see both user and group set to "nobody".

[If you're internal to Sun] Feel free to ssh to 'mr2.sfbay' and see
if you see the same thing.

It's an x86 box with SNV_59 on it.



[zones-discuss] nobody owns $HOME
Ron Halstead <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Thu, 22 Mar 2007 10:41:06 -0700 (PDT)


I just created a zone on my workstation (Solaris 10 U3) to get familiar with 
the procedure. We are going to be using zones on zfs in the near future. When I 
log into the host/zone canuck as the user halstead (me), my $HOME and all files 
and sub-dirs are chown nobody:nobody. $HOMEs are NFS mounted from a NAS filer. 
The /net path to the $HOMEs shows all home dirs nobody:nobody.

In the global zone, my $HOME is correct, halstead:sysadmin.  Help plz.

Ron Halstead
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