Solaris 10 11/06

The customer has 2 zones writing to the same directory. I did not think that 
was something you could do.I know when I tried it in the lab a while back I 
couldn't configure it that way.  So I need to verify if it can be done and how 
it can be done.

My customer is seeing errors accessing file and directory where one minute you 
try it and it works and the next minute it does not work.

I asked steps he took to do set this up and he said he presented the same 
folder to multiple zones.
He added it through webmin and presented same folder.

He said it went in as lofs 

What he would like to do is share a directory among zones so they could be in 
one zone and have a bunch of scripts then can copy these scripts to the mount 
point and then the other zone can access it that way.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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