Jill Manfield wrote:
Solaris 10 11/06 E6900

The customer has 2 zones writing to the same directory. I did not think
that was something you could do.I know when I tried it in the lab a while
back I couldn't configure it that way.  So I need to verify if it can be
done and how it can be done.

You can do this by using the following sample syntax in two or more zones:

add fs
  set special=/zones/local
  set dir=/zones/roots/zoneA/root/opt/local
  set type=lofs

(In the zone configuration for zoneB, "set dir=" would have the obvious difference.)

My customer is seeing errors accessing file and directory where one minute
you try it and it works and the next minute it does not work.

What are they doing in there? Sharing a directory between two zones does not magically implement file-locking. The application(s) must still do that.

I asked steps he took to do set this up and he said he presented the same
folder to multiple zones. He added it through webmin and presented same

He said it went in as lofs

What he would like to do is share a directory among zones so they could be
in one zone and have a bunch of scripts then can copy these scripts to the
mount point and then the other zone can access it that way.

Except for file locking, I can't think of a problem.

Can he be more specific about which zone(s) are writing, and which are writing?

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