We're working with a customer who is using zones, along with Solaris resource manager pools. In short, they have two zones which are assigned to two non-default pools. These two pools each have a processor set, one with one cpu and another with two cpus. Somehow, these two zones started running on the default processor set's processors. One of these zones was rebooted, and that seems to have corrected its processor set mappings.

The have a maintenance window to reboot the other zone, but I wanted to do a quick sanity check of any bugs anybody may know of. My sunsolve searches doesn't seem to be turning up any hits on this.

Here is a summary of their zone to pool config, with generic names:

Pool            Pset                     Zone
pool_pool1      pset1 (1 cpu)            zone1
pool_pool2      pset2 (2 cpus)           zone2
pool_default    pset_default (5 cpus)    all other zones

In this case, zone1 and zone2 were running on pset_default cpus.



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