Hi Adam,

What might be a nice project, that would work on a modest hardware resource :-) would be to demonstrate how you can use containers to host multiple application environments with different contents. For example: configure a bunch of sparse root zones (to best use disk space) with Apache in each, and demonstrate how each container has different IP address and web content. That would be like a hosting company scenario. You could use web load generating tools to demonstrate that you can spray web hits to different zones on the same box. You could even have the web document directory added to a zone in read-only status to demonstrate how zones can be used to prevent web sites from being defaced.

The resource administration parts aren't that difficult to apply - perhaps you could then show simple things like giving one zone twice the CPU shares of another zone, and run CPU hog programs in each to demonstrate that the zones get proportional CPU access.

These are just simple, broad ideas - it's only limited by imagination. Bear in mind, of course that the Ultra 10 is an old machine, so one mustn't expect blazing performance from it. I have similar at home, and it's perfectly acceptable for testing and playing with zones. Also, remember that Solaris Containers run wherever Solaris 10 runs, so you could do this on an Intel or AMD-based PC too.

hope this helps, Jeff

Adam Luzecki wrote:

Hello forum users,

I am finishing computer science studies this year and I need to create thesis. 
I'm interested in Solaris containers and would like to describe this 
technology. I want to create a project that uses containers to do “something 
useful” and provides some functionality, not only shows how to create zones and 
assign resources.

I have an Ultra 10 with Ultra Sparc IIi 300MHz CPU , 512 MB RAM and 20 GB HDD 
available. Does someone have any idea how to show practical use of containers 
on such machine?

Other solution I think about is just to design containers without 
implementation, so I would not need any hardware. But unfortunately I do not 
have administration experience to decide about resource allocation.

Could you please advice if you have any ideas about using containers on Ultra 
10, or if you can provide any other suggestions for using  Containers in 

Many thanks,

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