The answer depends on your goal, and exactly what you have done already. The latter wasn't entirely clear.

If your goal is to create one zone, and give it sole access (writable) to its own /usr/local, and you hadn't configured the zone's /usr/local yet, you can do this:

global-zone# zonecfg -z myzone
add fs
set dir=/usr/local
set special=/usr/local
set type=lofs

The global zone and non-global zone must each have a directory /usr/local. The next time you boot the zone, it will have writable access to /usr/local.

David wrote:
Sorry for the newbie question,

I'm trying to understand and get up to speed with zones, they seem  like
excellant  thiings

I created a non-global zone, it is able to see /usr/local/* from the global
zone. The first problem i, I was attempting to install an app that writes
to /usr/local/etc, and the non-global zone does not have the abilty to
write there, is it bacause it is a loopback mount?

How can I get around this, do I have to create an new /usr/local/* in the
non-global zone, if so how do I get the non-global zone from seeing the
global zones /usr/local/*

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