thank you for the good responses. 

Since i know that there are many I can approach this, I believe  for know, for 
the sake of learning etc.. I believe what I want to accomplish is a seperate 
/usr/local/ and add necessary apps/binaries as needed.

one last thing, is there a way of using some of the global stuff such as 'gcc', 
even if it is in the /usr/local/* location even though in my inital statement I 
said i want a spereate /usr/local/*. The only reason I ask is stuff like 'gcc' 
is something used vasely, and I do not whant to re-invent the wheel and have to 
recompile it and waste additional space if it is not necessary. I'm sure i'm 
just trying to wish for something I not reasonable.

Thanks again for the great advise

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