Krzys wrote:
Is there any way to replicate zone from one server to another without actually bringing down the original zone down? I have a production server that I want to duplicate and I do not want to bring that zone down but I would like to duplicate it to another server in entire state...

We do not have any support for doing that directly since the zone
can be in a state of flux.  You would have to try to manage that
manually by checking that whatever is running within the zone is in
a stable state before copying the zonepath or taking a snapshot.  We
also only allow you to detach a zone that is in the installed state
(not the running state) although we just recently putback an enhancement
into nevada that allows you to try to attach a zone that was not
properly detached.  We envisioned that more as a disaster recovery
tool than as something you would use on a regular basis since there
are more opportunities for failure than when you first properly detach
a zone.

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