I followed sun's doc to setup a zone.

I enable and save conf with pooladm -e, and pooladm -s and I configure zone 
with new pool and pset.

After I reboot server, zone is running, zonecfg -z zone info. It shows my pool 
name(not default)

but if I run pooladm to check what pool I have. It tell me

"facility is not active"

But the fact is my zone is up running with my new pool name. If I do

#pooladm -e

it didn't give the pool that I setup before. It only shows default pool.

So my questions are.
1. Did I setup correctly?
2.pool is not necessary to run at startup?
3. if shutdown zone and bring it up again, it tells me that pool can't be 
located and will use default pool instead. What did I do wrong?

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