I'm installing a package into a zone

The pkgadd command works correctly from within the zone, e.g.

[i]global # zlogin my-zone
my-zone # pkgadd -d ...[/i]

However, when I try the same command but as an argument to zlogin, it fails. 
(pkgadd: ERROR: checkinstall script did not complete successfully) e.g.

[i]global # zlogin my-zone /usr/sbin/pkgadd -d /export/share/my-zone/Latest -n 
-a /export/share/my-zone/install.admin -r /export/share/my-zone/MYpkg.resp MYpkg

I've managed to track this down to this line in the checkinstall script of the 
package (checks for version number of different package):

[i]Thisver=`grep VERSION /var/sadm/pkg/${TMPLT_PKG}/pkginfo | nawk '{FS="="; 
print $2}'`[/i]

When I change this to:

[i]Thisver=`pkgparam ${TMPLT_PKG} VERSION`[/i]

the zlogin pkgadd works fine...

What exactly about the original line is causing the pkgadd to fail (since the 
pkgadd works from the commandline within the zone)?

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