As far as I know, at this time you can't have a zone be an independent
iSCSI initiator.

However, you can connect to the target of your choice in the global zone
and then add that as a device to your zone with the "add device" command
in zonecfg(1m).  In this regard, iSCSI is just the same as Fibre Channel
or locally attached disk.

One problem with having a zone be able to import (or create) raw devices
and then mount filesystems atop them is that it usually not too hard
to scribble bad data onto the device and then get the filesystem to
panic (the whole machine).
mmh ! how com ?

That said, we think that in some environments this will be desired.
I had a conversation with some of the iSCSI engineers a couple of weeks
ago on this topic, so we're only really just starting to think about
this.  If you (or others on the list with a similar need) could follow
up (privately if you want) with a little more detail about what you are
trying to do, and how this fits into your business or project, I can get
you a bug filed, and take it to the iSCSI team.  To the best of my
knowledge you are the first person to ask for this feature, although we
do know it's an issue we'll need to solve eventually.
in fact, we are thinking of a way to have a cheap, reliable SAN based on iscsi and zfs. Because as the zfs team said, ZFS loves cheaps disk !

The idea is to spread HD around nodes. And to have _one_ of this nodes consolidating the HD's with zfs through iscsi and to offer this available space on NFS. That's said. To make life easier, we were thinking to put the initiators roots of the zpool and the nfs server into a zone, so it will be easier to migrate from node to node, the ISCSI-ZFS-NFS service.



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