Michael Barrett wrote:
When you tell a local zone to use a mount point that is actually a zfs file system as it's home directory, does the local zone think it's a ufs or does it know it's a zfs?

Note this is _not_ me importing a legacy set file system into a zone as a zfs type file system.

I am not sure if I understand your question.  By "home dir", do you mean
the zonepath for the zone?  If so, then normally the final directory in
the zonepath does not exist when you configure the  zone and it gets
automatically created when you install the zone.  The behavior is currently
different between S10 and nevada.  In nevada the code will detect that the
zonepath would reside within a zfs filesystem and automatically create a
zfs dataset for the zone.  You can read more about this in:

PSARC/2006/153 Zones ZFS Integration

There are also more zones/zfs features described in the ARC case.
This has not yet been backported to S10 because there is no way to
upgrade a system that has zones residing on zfs.  You would have to
destroy all of the zones to upgrade.  This problem is actively being
worked and we hope to have this feature backported in a future S10
update release.  The current behavior in S10 is that a directory is
created, even if it resides in a zfs filesystem.  You can put a zone
in its own zfs dataset, but that is a manual process.

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